Ode To Quietus - CD


Meadows End's full length debut album Ode To Quietus.

1. Beyond The Dead Cold Surface 06:47
2. Resurrection Of Madness 05:03
3. The Gloom That Is His World 04:25
4. Homeland 05:31
5. Coven Of Blood 04:41
6. My Demon 04:22
7. Starvation 12 05:33
8. Falling Asleep 06:27

"Ode To Quietus" was recorded in 2009-2010 at Studio REX in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden and is the first full length album featuring Meadows End. More info about the band can be found at www.meadowsend.se.

Released 09 December 2010

Johan "The Brute" Brandberg: Vocals
Jan Dahlberg: Guitar
Stefan Sjölander: Guitar
Robin Mattsson: Keyboards
Mats Helli: Bass
Daniel Tiger: Drums

Recorded at: Studio REX, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Recorded by: Meadows End
Mixed by: Andreas Almström
Mastered by: Rick
Artwork by: Fredrik Burholm

Produced by: Meadows End

All songs written by: Jan Dahlberg & Meadows End
Lyrics on #2, 4-8 by Jan Dahlberg, #1 by Johan Brandberg & #3 By Mats Helli
Copyright 2010 Meadows End. All Rights Reserved.